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Here at Lawson Family Farms, we are proud to be a Reregistered Black Angus producer in Southwest Virginia. We are in a valley at the base of the Appalachian Mountains with the White Rocks Peak in complete view from the farm in Ewing, VA . We have been influenced in family business all our lives we want to be easy to do business with. All while providing top quality cattle with expectational service to all our customers. Our focus is to provide up to date and the latest technology to produce outstanding and top genetics in the Black Angus industry . We are the home of the world renown Chloe family. We have selected our foundation donors from some of the most sought-after cow families across the U.S. such as Lucy, Chloe, Primrose, Sarah, Everelda Entense, Lady, Donna, and Henrietta Pride Families. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Lawson Family in the Woods

Lot 1 in the sale! Tag G630 • Reg number 19621756

Lot 11 in the sale! Tag J888 • Reg number 20143295

Lot 12 in the sale! Tag H784 • Reg number 20082493

Visit the sale page to view more videos.

Contact Us

Chris & Amanda Lawson, Valoree Rouse

Chris - 423-526-8576
Amanda - 423-526-8981
Valoree - 865-585-3859


1691 Chadwell Station Rd.
Ewing, VA

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